PyTorch Lightning Tutorial #1: Getting Started

Getting Started with PyTorch Lightning: a High-Level Library for High Performance Research

Libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch take care of most of the intricacies of building deep learning models that train and infer fast. …

Using Datasets in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is an exciting domain right now, especially in use-cases like AutoNLP with Hugging Face, but it is painfully difficult to master. The main problem with getting started with NLP is the dearth of proper guidance and the excessive breadth of the domain. …

Getting a Computer to Do What You Want Automatically

Machine learning (ML) now impacts a wide swath of business, engineering, and research domains, to the extent where you’d be hard-pressed to find a niche where machine learning is totally uninvolved. Progress in ML has come on the coattails of broader trends in software and automation: Wherever human activity depends…

How Augmented Reality (AR) For Manufacturing is Changing the Future of the Industry

When you think of the term “augmented reality” you may imagine video games involving cute creatures and capturing them by spinning a ball around and flinging it at them. Augmented reality for manufacturing may seem like science fiction, but it’s quickly becoming reality.

The Best PCIe USB-C Cards for Creatives

An often overlooked feature when upgrading a desktop or workstation is the ability to add or upgrade USB ports. The most up-to-date USB ports on the market are for USB 3.1, which means upgrading to a card that combines USB3.1 and USB-C.

Adding and upgrading these cards allows you to…

Should I Use Github Copilot?

If you are a software engineer, or count any of them among your circle of acquaintances, then you’re probably already aware at some level of Copilot. Copilot is GitHub’s new deep learning code completion tool.

Autocomplete tools for programmers are nothing new, and Copilot is not even the first to…

An Introduction to PyTorch Lightning

Anyone who’s been working with deep learning for more than a few years knows that it wasn’t always as easy as it is today. The “kids these days” have no idea what it’s like to roll their own back-propagation, implement numerical gradient checking, or even understand what it’s like to…

What Are AutoML Systems?

Machine learning (ML) — as a subfield of the broader domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) — is taking over all kinds of industries and business domains. This includes retail, healthcare, automotive, finance, entertainment, and more. …

How to Know If You Can Add USB-C to Your Motherboard

Laptops and mobile devices are increasingly using USB-C as a connecting standard. However, if you don’t want to replace your laptop or desktop PC because it lacks ports, you’ll need an alternative. The good news — you can add USB-C to your computer, as long as your motherboard supports it.

NLP Text Preprocessing Methods

Deep Learning, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP), has been gathering a huge interest nowadays. Some time ago, there was an NLP competition on Kaggle called Quora Question insincerity challenge. …

James Montantes

Interested in HMI, AI, and decentralized systems and applications. I like to tinker with GPU systems for deep learning. Currently at Exxact Corporation.

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